Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Middle School Survival Kits!

Last year was my first year in a middle school setting teaching 5th grade. I was scared, nervous, and terrified of being in a middle school and very sad to have left my old school. But, I realized that the kids were just as new as I was and if they picked up on my nervousness, it was not going to go well for anyone. To make light of the first couple days of school as we got acclimated to our new surroundings, I decided to make "Middle School Survival Kits" for the kids. (and quite honestly, it was a good reminder for me!)

These are the kits I made for my last year's Homeroom students:

These were the girls' bags:
 These were the boys' bags:
 Close up of what is inside with a description of each:

I changed them this year. Here are my NEW Middle School Survival Kits! I kept teacher's name blank and in black & white to be printed on colored paper. My version will have my name and my co-teachers name on the bottom apple. These can be used for any grade or even for colleagues!


  1. Great idea and thanks for sharing! My husband is a middle school teacher in a district where the kids can use some extra encouragement. I think we might start making this a tradition for his classroom.

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  3. Thank you everyone! I know you left your comments a while ago, but I'm just getting back into it. Thanks for your comments!