Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Love of Reading

One of my goals this year (and really every year) is getting kids to LOVE to read. Not forced, adult-picks-for-you reading, but a true genuine love for reading.
Two things I'm working on include a collective sharing of books - one on a bulletin board that the kids and I will decorate with spines of the books we read (probably on oaktag, I haven't started it yet, but have the skeletons of the board up now) and one with a collective book count. Since I am teaching four English classes this year, I will include all 4 classes and make it a team effort. One of my colleagues had a GREAT idea to start a student created book blog. We hope to collaboratively get it running this year. These books can provide a starting ground for us.
My hope is that we will use these "shelves" all year long to display the books we read independently. This will become a resource for kids to find their next book. 
I made this in word and turned it into a PDF for printing. I'm going to put it in a glass frame and hang it next to my class objectives. I will post a pic once it's up! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pick Me Sticks!

Every year I personalize popsicle sticks with my students' names on them to use for random grouping and partners. This year I have about 90 students (for the first time!) I decided to use their numbers instead of names and make them cute! Each student in my classes will receive a number based on their ABC order in their homeroom.

I saw this idea on Pinterest - unfortunately it did not have a link, so I will not link it here. Mine aren't exactly like the Pinterest ones, but I had fun making them with my 2 almost first graders.

I added the silver from the suggestion of one of my girls.

First, we drew a line and colored the tip of a popsicle stick with a pink sharpie. 

Then, we added a pencil tip. 
Next, we added silver to show the silver part from a pencil.
Finally, I painted each stick, waited for them to dry, then used black sharpie to add the numbers. I wanted to put the numbers up top, but I like the look of them hidden. Once a student's stick has been chosen, I'll put them back in, tip up. Eraser up means they have not been picked!

With my little helpers :)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

It's Been a While!

Heading into my 6th year in 5th grade and my 11th year of teaching, I am going to get back to blogging. It's been 3 or so year since I've posted anything new.

Stay tuned...I'm going to be working on a Book Review Blog!